“The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together”

No – this isn’t a blog about my marriage 😀 Rather it is about another significant relationship that is turning out to have many parallels with a marriage!

As some of you know, IPO-bound CIEL HR recently made a strategic investment in Jombay. As we got ready to share our first “baby” (Jombay) with them, my co-founder and I were invited to a warm dinner with their leadership team, at the home of their CEO (Aditya Narayan Mishra) the night before we were to sign the agreement.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly how WE have always gotten to know our team – having them over for big occasions and intimate chats at our home. So already, this dinner invitation reminded us of our common attributes & felt like a precursor to good things.

As the night progressed, like all new relationships, we ‘started to get to know each other’. As we shared our personal stories, we “healed” any “hurt” each of us may have felt during the tough negotiations. Like any good relationship, the CIEL HR leaders made us feel at home and we spent time making sure our intentions were aligned and in planning how we were going to add more value to our customers.

As Aditya said in his own blog, “The approach of the top teams towards one another makes it either easy or difficult to grow together.” I hope that this mutual eagerness to work together, grow together and win together will lead to a happy marriage as we work towards the IPO.

Our marriage may have been arranged, but we look forward to falling in love. With our prenup & wedding day now behind us, we can’t wait to kick-start a long and happy marriage with the CIEL HR team and all our customers 😀

Happy New Year to you from Jombay and the entire CIEL HR and MaFoi family!

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