One of my mentors sends a year-ending newsletter to all his friends, family, and mentees. He talks about the highlights of the year that has gone by. This year, I decided to take some inspiration and share my own annual report, on how I ended up doing on personal, family, and professional fronts. And the reason I like to make it public is because it allows me to share my joys with many more people, and at the same time, makes me more accountable to the promises I have made for the coming year. So here’s how I did in 2018, I hope you enjoy reading:

1. Personal Report

a) Hit

  • Fitness – converted few kgs of fat to muscle
  • Clocked ~ 500,000 miles of travel – with zero sick leaves this year.
  • Increased my collections of Hats to 18 and wore them for almost all corporate meetings 🙂

b) Miss

  • Reading – picked up only at the end of the year
  • Cutting down on sugar 🙂 I am really not sure when I will be able to do this!
  • Spent more time staring at my phone screen than I should have.

2. Family Report

a) Hit

  • Long Vacation with my parents
  • At least 3-4 dinners at home every week
  • Calling my Mom every day

b) Miss

  • Saturday lunch dates with my wife – A BIG miss! Only 10-15 times!!
  • Couldn’t ping school friends every month

3. Professional Report

a) Hit

  • Strengthened our leadership development journeys
  • Practicing humor as a competency 🙂

b) Miss

  • Spent about 20-25% time interviewing (vs desired 40%)
  • Still struggling to cut off from work at home – not able to wind down!
  • Radical Candor; Influencing without authority!

In 2019, I look forward to spending more time with family, continuing Jombay’s global expansion, interviewing more people, picking up reading, and focusing on the ability to wind down. I hope to do more short but frequent travels next year!

“Over and over I marvel at the blessings of my life: Each year has grown better than the last.” Hoping the same for you in 2019. Happy New year 2019!