My grandmother would add an extra rupee to every ten rupee note she gifted us. She would say, “This one rupee may seem less valuable than the 10 rupees, but it is extra special. It is for good fortune!” 

Usually people celebrate a landmark ten year anniversary. But honestly, last year didn’t seem like the right time to celebrate. Now that we are seeing the tailwinds of a very tumultuous time, 11 seems special 🙂

And on that note, I thought I would share how our 11th year has been special for our team:

    • Our “digital first” approach helped us to leverage the virtual medium in many ways.
    • We did 500+ Virtual Instructor-led Trainings last year – our expertise in making them interactive and engaging reaped rewards. Our average feedback from learners has been an industry high of 4.5/5.
    • We ran 300+ Assessment & Development Centers last year – we added many new features and 3rd party tool integrations and partners to our assessment platform (Hogan, Saville Wave, 15FQ, Pearson SOSIE etc.). Our Average NPS (net promoter score) from the customers has been an industry high of 72.8. 
  • We continued our global expansion. We signed up a Fortune 500 customer (a 140 year old legendary institution, with 350,000 employees), one of the Big 4s, and one of the Top 3 Global Executive Search firms that use Jombay’s assessment platform to power their assessment centers globally. Our Assessments have been used in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Bahasa, and a few other languages. It’s heartening to be a part of the ‘made in India, made for world’ evolution. 
  • Valued customers stood by us – grateful for their loyalty, their belief in our innovations and trusting us year on year. 

The Jombay team promises to continue innovating, and making a difference to our customers and the fraternity at large. I am eternally grateful for everyone who has wished well for Jombay and even to our critics and our competition, who keep us on our toes.