Our family has been caught up in the World Cup Cricket fever over the last few weeks. And our 5yr old in particular has discovered his love of watching the game! During India vs West Indies game, I casually asked him what team he supported. And to my and Suruchi’s surprise, he said “West Indies!” My national pride and loyalty took immediate offense. I said “What? Why not India?! Luckily, my wife was quick to say “Alright Kabir! All the best and may the best team win!” After all, why did I assume that my son should/would support his country’s sports team? Just because I did? I feel we tend to make these kinds of assumptions and jump to conclusions at work too! We could be making assumptions on people’s preferences and way of working. We make assumptions of right and wrong. But “Right / Wrong” is subjective and personal? And yes, we owe the right to people around us to think freely and have their own mind 🙂 That possibly is the only way to know more perspectives. What assumptions have you made recently? And how did you realise that perhaps you had put your foot in your mouth, as I did during my conversation with my Son! Interestingly, at the end of this conversation, our younger son piped in with“I am from Rajasthan Royals! I support Rajasthan Royals!” And thats ok too 🙂