This week we all have been celebrating Ganesh festival. A committee of very enthusiastic parents from our apartment complex put together various activities and events. Some of the games which were meant for younger kids (under the age of 5) came across a bit complex. We realized, most of the organizers seemed to have their kids in their teens! And perhaps they had forgotten how complex some of these things could be for younger ones 🙂 One of my neighbors cheekily labelled this as an “engineer building for engineers” syndrome 🙂 One clan of people that have tried getting into my shoes, connected with me and guided me, were some of my best teachers and mentors. They had a knack to understand where their students and mentees come from! They could simplify, expand and contextualize their inputs depending on the audience! And if we as managers and leaders are able to do that with our diverse team members, it would be a fitting tribute to those teachers and mentors, this Teachers’ Day! Happy Teachers’ Day to them 🙂 Tag that one person who unexpectedly taught you something!