Today I wanted to share with you our journey-based approach to learning & leadership development programs. The development journeys we run at Jombay provide an on-the-go learning experience that is embedded in the work routine, reinforcing key learnings to managers & leaders and enabling application of learning on the job. A typical journey includes:

  • Learning Needs Analysis & Customized Program Design
  • Virtual Instructor Led Trainings
  • Self Directed Digital Learning
  • Peer Learning & Nudging Led By A Learning Partner
  • Engagement & Effectiveness Tracking

Here are some highlights of 2020 where we were able to use our development journey model to effectively solve the client’s talent development challenges.

  • Regional Manager Onboarding Program at Home First Finance Company (HFFC)
    HFFC is a young housing finance company that specialises in home loans to population segments with low credit rating. We are working with them to implement multiple talent assessment and development programs. “EVO”  is one such project. It is an ambitious program for new joinees in the role of Regional Managers (Sales) & Customer Service Officers (Operations). The organisation wants to prepare them to take up their roles and onboard them with the relevant responsibilities so that they are in a position to contribute in 5-6 months. It is also expected that this year’s cohort will act as buddies / mentors to next year’s batch. The development program includes technical learning (powered by HFFC) & behavioral learning (powered by Jombay). The overall journey however is designed and managed by Jombay. This includes; tracking virtual sessions, engaging with peers, conducting activities on a digital platform, and conducting on ground activities.
  • Development Program First Time Managers at Quantiphi
    Quantiphi is an award-winning applied AI and data science software and services company. At the manager and associate level, they have a team of highly skilled technical associates and managers, who are now looking to make the next leap and take on the role of senior contributors in the organization.
    While there is a lot of technical upskilling that happens for them, Jombay’s program is filling a gap on the development of behavioral competencies at Quantiphi for these first time people managers. The development journey prioritised competencies such as spirit of being together, teamwork, and giving feedback”.

More next week!

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