Our assessment center analytics reports give you insights at an individual and the comparative group-level. Reporting options include a view of an assessment taker’s overall readiness, 9-box placement, & a training needs analysis. Additionally, consultant authored Group Feedback Reports are also available.

Our bespoke reports are generated custom to your requirements (competency models, team and regional cuts etc.)

Our tech allows reports to be fully automated – meaning you get a detailed report within 72 hours!

In addition, we make sure you get one consolidated report (standard or custom) for all the assessments your candidates are taking on our platform.

Assessment Center Reports

A detailed report outlining the assessment taker’s performance on competencies and behaviors. Serves as a ready reckoner to identify the assessment taker’s strengths and development areas, and provides a solid foundation to build development journeys.

Multi Rater Assessment Reports

Provides detailed comparative insights between how candidates perceive themselves and how they are perceived by key stakeholders on key competencies. Enabling the mapping on positive and negative perception gaps, providing inputs for performance and impression management.  

Simulation Reports  

A ready reckoner that provides in-depth insight into the assessment taker’s managerial and leadership capabilities

Group Analytics

Group-level understanding of top/bottom competencies with highlighted focus areas, deep dive of enabling and inhibiting behaviors, and prioritization matrices to understand learning impact vs. learning priority, industry-lens benchmark comparison, and value-added demographic analysis.

Assessor Dashboard

An online platform on which assessors can rate candidates taking part in interventions such as role-plays, BEIs, virtual interviews etc. Assessors can score candidates on observable behaviors and provide behavior wise feedback for each candidate.

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