“Personalized Learning Journey” at Ultratech Cement:

Ultratech and Jombay have introduced a 9-month long development program for 400 People Managers of Junior, Middle and Senior levels at Ultratech Cement. The program enables learning on competencies such as Learning Agility, Get Results, Intellectual Capability, Team and Collaboration, Developing Self and Team, Innovating and Improving, Customer Focus, Communicating to Influence and Engage, Business Acumen and Vision & Strategy.

We identified 4 competencies specific to each level to focus on. The program has been a resounding success so far with an adoption rate of > 95% on the iDev Plus digital learning app and an engagement rate of 80%. Jombay has been able to run the program successfully at such a scale with the help of meticulous program management, creative & refreshing content and a robust client partnership.

More highlights coming soon!

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