Becoming a manager is not just a promotion, it’s a career change!”

And with this career change, come many added challenges. As we’ve seen across industries and clients, first time managers often tend to be high-performers. They are used to being good at technical competencies, but may struggle with managing people. A thorough training can ensure this transition is successful!

To tackle this shift from a maker to a manager, Jombay runs a “First Time Manager’‘ program based on the philosophy of “UBUNTU – I am because We are”. Here are some details:

The program builds the mindset of “We vs Me”, by fostering essential skills for Managing Self, People & Performance and covering aspects such as:

  • UPTIME: Improving your & team’s productivity with time management & planning
  • BIOMETRICS: Dealing with unique fingerprints i.e. unique personalities at work
  • USER INTERFACE & EXPERIENCE: Improving your team’s experience 
  • NORTHBRIDGE: Driving team synergy, Developing team members & Improving performance with effective feedback   
  • TROUBLESHOOT: Fostering collaboration, fixing unconscious biases & resolving conflicts 
  • UPDATE & UPGRADE: Adapting practices & processes to be more inclusive

Apart from Pre-Program Assessments, Master Classes and Digital Learning, we also introduce a blend of engaging methods like Improv theater, ALP (Action Learning Project) based teach back sessions, case study based sessions and more.

We have run this program for many of our customers (e.g. Quantiphi, Simplify, ABinBev, Acko, Qualcomm etc.) where participants found the content relevant, were impacted by the meaningful learning experience and the ability to apply it at work!

If you too are looking for partners in running Development Programs relevant to the new world at your organization, feel free to reach out 🙂

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