This Christmas break, I jotted down some of the most important advice that shaped the 2010s for me.

1. 90% of your life’s happiness is dependent on your life partner. If you can wake up for the next 50 years with the same person, you will largely be sorted 🙂

2. There’s never an “end of the world”. Sleep through the night & fool your mind with short term timelines so you don’t give up. Even in the most difficult of situations, there’s never an end of the world.

3. Battle of perseverance vs battle of smartness. You will always find someone smarter than you. But you will realise there are very few people who are consistently dedicated. And hence most wins come to people who are perseverant!

4. Have gratitude. Millions will give anything to be in your place.

5. Giving back is important. It may not come naturally. Pick a cause that you champion or support!

6. When you have time, you may not have money. But when you have all the money, you won’t have time. Enjoy to the fullest in whatever situation you are right now 🙂

7. Take every chance to be with your family. Fulfill their small wishes. Don’t wait for tomorrow, you don’t know what it will bring. Hope you get a chance to spend time with family, express your gratitude & give back to the broader world! Happy New Year!

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