Kabir (our 7-year old): Can we go to Grandpa-Grandma’s home for the entire holiday season? 

Me: Why?
Kabir: We can eat as many Oreo (biscuits) and chocolates and sweets in a day, as we like 🙂

His simple yet heartfelt wish made us all laugh in the car! 

There was so much to learn from that dialogue. My wife and I pondered – what simple expectations, what beautiful life! No demand for restaurants, or toys or new clothes or fancy vacations! The kids have been objective about the situation, accepted the new discipline, and yet made the most of what’s on the table. All of this without complaining, infact so happily. They continue to live in the present!

As adults, we have been hearing, understanding and adjusting to the “new normal” in our own ways. From how the world of work is changing, how education is changing, and how life is changing; we have heard multiple sermons! We have been worried about our health, our elders’ health, our kids, their future, our future, and what else this new normal will bring to us and them! We all have gone through a lot in the last 9 months! 

I feel this thanksgiving, we could ease out a little bit and find joy in little things! Can we attempt, just like our children, to live the next few days as if there’s no tomorrow! And make it a truly memorable holiday season! Of course, with adequate precautions 🙂 

Further on during the car ride, Kabir says: “After the holiday season, can we bring Grandma-Grandpa to stay with us for at least 2 months?” My wife and I looked at each other teary-eyed. The whole spirit of togetherness is the real celebration. Wishing you togetherness (virtually or in person) with your loved ones! Happy thanksgiving!

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