“I’m not missing too much” I would tell myself when I would take really early morning flights, every week, for almost 7 years now.

“The kids are sleeping, then they will go to school, then play with their friends. I will be back in a couple of days and will be home on Thursday night to spend Friday and the weekend with them.” I would convince myself!

The last 6 months taught me how much was I missing, how much more is to learn and know about our kids! It’s the small things we do on a daily basis that matter more than the big things we do on an occasional basis.

Recently I read a parent saying, “As parents we spend too much time worrying about the big seminal talks with our kids. And in doing so we miss that parenting actually unfolds as a series of unplanned 2 min conversations.”

As a father, I really wish business travel between cities doesn’t come back to what it was pre-covid era. I hope a big focus will be on reducing “obligatory” travel – e.g. everyone showing up in person because others are 🙂

Client pitches, sales meetings etc. – I am hoping they will first happen on video. A face to face meeting will be required only to validate!

What do you think? Will the business travel bounce back to pre-covid levels?

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