A Canadian newspaper conducted an interesting experiment.

They asked a bunch of kids (from modest backgrounds) –

Q1. What gift would you like to get for this Christmas? Children: Xbox, Legos, Barbie House, Computer etc. came some of the answers

Q2. What gift would you like to get for your parents? Children: Ring, TV, Watches, Jewelry, Dress etc. were some of the answers

Q3. If you had a choice to get only one of the above (gift for you vs. gift for the parents) what would you choose?

All 6 kids chose the gift for the parents vs. for themselves. The boy who wanted the Lego said, “Legos don’t matter, family does :)”

I was wondering what gets the kids to put family before themselves. And how can we build a culture in the corporate world where team members put each other or their manager ahead of themselves?

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