Reckitt, Muthoot, Blackbuck, Jumbo: 2021 Assessment Centers

As we round up the year, I thought I would continue to share some interesting Assessment Development Centers our teams rolled out recently. These ADCs are conducted virtually, with a combination of automated and assessor led tools on Jombay’s Assessment

Highlights on our 2020s Assessment & Development Centers (part 2)

Mahindra Auto – Assessment centers were run for promotions of a particular job band. A mix of Psychometric Assessment, Critical Thinking Assessment, Inbasket Edge Simulation, and Case Study was used. Bharat Serums & Vaccines – The client partnered with Jombay

Success Story: Internal Talent Pipeline at a Large pharma company

The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t  Yet, we regularly see organisations having to hire talent from outside instead of being able to internally promote. But it has been so exciting to work with a large pharma


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