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Identifying High Impact Behaviors at SONY

Sony is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronic products. Their India Software Center supports the business worldwide with IT & product engineering solutions. They wanted to identify high potential talent from more than 200 Senior Manager &

How to find your future CXOs

“More Meaning. More Responsibilities. More Self Assurance & More Growth” – Just some things about being in your thirties haven’t changed in decades 🙂 This is the decade when people are getting comfortable in the corporate world and more confident

Catch them young

“If you want to empower the future, you have to catch them young!” Time and again, organizations have noticed that creating a wide range of exposures for young professionals early in their career, goes a long way in making them

Institutionalizing Leadership Development at THEOR...

Read on to see how early success, high engagement, clear insights and an immersive assessment-development experience contributed to making Jombay’s leadership development program for Theorem’s Senior Leaders a recurring, annual exercise. Theorem is a global leader in digital marketing services

Managerial Capability Building at HEALTHIUM

Healthium is a global med-tech company that makes products to support surgical needs. In recent years they have grown rapidly in key markets & acquired critical businesses to strengthen their offering. To support this growth, their focus on Middle Managers

Enabling Career Progression at MANJUSHREE

Manjushree is India’s largest rigid plastic packaging company. With a legacy of over 40 years, today it caters to top MNCs across the globe & operates nine manufacturing plants. Employee development being a top priority, Manjushree wanted to help plant

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