Entrepreneurship isn’t just about start-ups anym...

“The candidate seemed really sharp, but seemed to have very strong opinions! Almost like he owned our business himself!” – An observation from one of our interviewers as they assessed a new candidate. I sensed that he was ready to

A Story of the New Order

Jombay started in 2010, with a view to reimagine the world of Assessments! We introduced one of the world’s first customizable (& yet standardized) personality assessments. We were one of the world’s first to introduce an online Inbox/Day-in-Life Simulation. We

High-Touch, High-Tech- L&D Intervention at S...

How do you bring a high-touch, high-tech experience to learning & development?  Read on to see how Jombay partnered with Schneider Electric to deliver a personalized and tech-aided learning experience to nurture their high potential emerging leaders. Schneider Electric is

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