Development Programs- R1 RCM, Raheja QBE & Wh...

What do People Managers need to succeed?  How are organizations equipping their sales leaders for change?  How do you empower your workforce at critical junctures?  From improving EQ for people managers, powering growth for sales team members to training new

Talent Evaluation- GSK, TCE, Integrace

  What goes into talent evaluation when done virtually?  What happens when a human element is desired? How does one stay relevant to local languages? How does one ensure a modern, immersive experience? See how Jombay partnered with GSK Mexico,

Ecosystems at Work and Home

This story is about an old friend who I met over the weekend. Born to humble beginnings in a farmer’s home, she excelled at math, did a diploma in engineering and joined one of the best universities in India to

Bayer, BI Worldwide, Collins Aerospace

Jombay kickstarts leadership development journeys for a wide range of customers! Here are some where our unique proposition of delivering engaging Virtual Instructor Led Sessions (VILTs) and Digital Learning stood out for me.  DEVELOPING MANAGERS at BAYERBayer is one of

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