As we bunker down to yet another wave of restrictions, I thought I would share some examples of how organisations took the “new normal” into their stride as they facilitated critical talent interventions this year. Proud to have worked with HR teams across organisations, who prioritised learning and development of their teams even in trying times such as these!

  • Optum – Optum is a pharmacy benefit manager and care services group operating across 150 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They wanted to scientifically assess a cohort of Individual contributors (from various functions in the organization) through behavioral assessments. Jombay ran an assessment center for the entire cohort followed by an assessor led intervention for 10-20% of them.
    For the first phase (filtration round), we used a combination of a Psychometric Assessment, Situational Judgement Test (where custom SJT caselets were created), ManageFirst Simulation and an Aptitude Assessment for a total of 400+ participants. The shortlisted candidates were then run through an Innovation Exercise, Customer Roleplay and Employee Roleplay.
    To close the loop, Jombay was able to deliver Individual reports (for both phases), a Stack ranking report (for both phases), a combined Group analytics report, and a One-on-one assessor feedback (for candidates who could not clear phase 1). To ensure that the entire exercise ran smoothly, we also deployed batch-wise dedicated technical support.
  • Persistent Systems Ltd. – Persistent is a technology services company, with presence across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East & Africa. The organisation wanted to facilitate career progression for 2 senior levels in the organisation. To help them with this objective, Jombay ran an Assessment Centre, with a competency tool matrix of a SOSIE Personality Assessment, Critical Thinking Assessment, LeadFirst, BEI and Strategy Presentation for the Functional Heads and Senior Vice Presidents.
    Individual reports along with a One-on-one report debrief, a Stack ranking report, and a Group Analytics report were delivered to the client by our team to help them delve into insights from this exercise.
  • Sterlite Technologies – Sterlite Technologies is a digital technology company with offices in India, China, US, SEA, Europe and MEA. The client was looking to to scientifically evaluate talent on identified professional competencies and values as part of an exercise to enable promotions.
    Jombay facilitated this by running an Assessment Center across 2 levels, deploying SOSIE, Critical Thinking Assessment, LeadFirst Simulation, and Watson Glaser depending on the seniority level of the participants. Jombay handed over Individual reports, a Stack ranking report and a TTT for HR team (for them to facilitate report interpretation and IDP creation internally)

More highlights coming soon!

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