Success Story: Closing the Learning Loop at an Air...

It is wonderful when we are able to be a part of the learning cycle of employees at the organisations we work with. One of the notable examples of this has been our work with an Air Conditioning & Cooling Technology Company. We worked

Mind the gap – Our Top 5 Interventions using 360...

Dealing with perception gaps at work is an ongoing & challenging process. Yet it is the most useful form of feedback we can get from a range of peers, managers and juniors! Today, I thought I would share some of our

Collins Aerospace, Aviva Life and Prudential Globa...

Every month Jombay kickstarts talent assessment & leadership development journeys for a wide range of customers. Some of them are quite interesting innovations and they strike a chord with me. 1) COLLINS AEROSPACE – Innovation Parenting  Interesting Launch Alert: We ran

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