Success Story: Internal Talent Pipeline at a Large...

The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t  Yet, we regularly see organisations having to hire talent from outside instead of being able to internally promote. But it has been so exciting to work with a large pharma

Top 3 Assessment Center Experiences

Every month, Jombay wraps up and presents findings to our Assessment Center clients with detailed analytics reports. Some of these projects of the last quarter have stayed with me for being innovative, challenging and for giving us an opportunity to

Success Story: Maximising Learning Moments at a Mu...

While we have always prided ourselves on doing things differently, we owe a lot of credit to customers who have taken a leap of faith with us, trusted our innovative methodologies, & our futuristic lens on development journeys. It is

Top 3 Leadership Development Journeys

Every month, Jombay  kickstarts leadership development journeys for a wide range of customers, but some of them stand out for me – 1) ASPIRE – Visa – High Potential Development Program From powering an Assessment Center, a 360 degree, tripartite

How often are we Actively Constructive

A while back, my then driver told me that he had bought his own car and wanted to run a taxi service. He added that he has been inspired by my entrepreneurial journey, and was eager to do something of

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